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“I've gotten many readings over the last ten years or so. I have a few trusted people I go to and Per is one of them! I'm always amazed by the information he receives prior to our call - especially names! This is such a rare thing that I don't see often. His readings are always uplifting, accurate and healing. Highly recommended!” - Nyrie G.

“Per was recommended to me by a friend after I went through a traumatic experience and I didn't know what to expect since I've never been to a psychic medium before. He was immediately welcoming and made me feel comfortable. He knew things that I didn't bring up, that couldn't be found online or in my social media, and some things that I didn't even make a connection with until afterwards. He gave me pen and paper to take notes of the messages he was receiving, especially names that came to him. 
The entire process was thoughtful and generally uplifting. He even took time to send me rituals to do afterwards via email. I definitely recommend Per for a genuine experience that can encompass everything from spiritual messages, tarot card reading, crystals, and healing rituals. I enjoyed the session and would go back in the future for guidance and clarity in a safe space.” - Gina R.

“Per and I connected recently on my mom’s birthday. She would have been 55. I have been dealing with addiction issues and my mom spoke up urging Per to deliver her message of warning and concern. It’s funny how it seems my mom has always been watching over me and with me every step since she passed. Her nurturing has never stopped. This has set into motion a more thoughtful direction for my life. Per also shared with me her favorite Starbucks drink which was a symbol that reminded me of the better, sweeter times rather than focusing on those final painful years. Her drink was Hot chocolate. I used to work at Starbucks. She hated coffee and loved when I would bring a hot chocolate home or would surprise me at work always bringing me so much joy. She wants me to focus on the warmth and healthy times and to call on her more whenever I need. I never would have gotten to the place I am now in if I hadn’t spoken with Per. I heard and felt my mom’s presence. Per also mentioned that a white dove is a gentle nod or moment of reassurance, a hug if you will, from my mom. I have since seen 1 on 3 separate occasions overwhelmingly feeling her and her encouragement in my current path. I am so appreciative to have Per in my life and to have been able to have had the experience with my mom through him. Thank you so very much.” - Eli F.

“I was recently lucky enough to have been recommended to Per by a friend who had a great experience with him. Trusting her opinion, I gave it a shot. When I walked in he immediately connected to “a man with dark hair who’s maybe like a brother....he says he played jokes on you all the time to purposely annoy you — does that make sense?” Yup, that’s my brother.
I went into the reading telling anyone who passed that they could come through. Apparently, my brother had some things he wanted to tell me which were right on target and what I needed to hear. Per also started talking about things that I’ve been thinking about like he was in my head. He gave me a lot of great insights into my life paths that if I chose them, they could be successful for me.
I could have spent hours speaking with Per, his energy, insight, and knowledge are captivating. I’ve been to a lot of psychics, mediums, card and tea leaf readers in my life so I know the real deal when I experience it and Per is the real deal. I highly recommend a reading with him!” - Andrea W.

“The Awakenist's reading gave me chills (still does). I chose the FaceTime option and don't regret it once single bit. It was really great to connect face-to-face even though we're in different cities. The reading featured some scarily accurate details about myself that a stranger would not just be able to casually guess. Furthermore, I had this reading right before a major life decision and it really helped calm me and provide me the clarity I needed to move forward. Thank you! I've told so many people about my experience and definitely will be coming back.” - Minh B.

“Per’s insights were incredibly accurate and revealing. I felt that he truly connected with my energy and addressed the questions I had without me even asking directly. While I resonated greatly with what he said at the time of the reading, I was absolutely stunned when some major events played out a few months later, in the way he had predicted. Things that I truly did not expect to unfold. Per is genuine, insightful, and undoubtedly gifted. If you are looking for guidance, clarity, or just curious about the energy around you, I can’t recommend Per enough.” - Stasia D. 

“Per doesn’t just have a deep connection with source – he has a deep connection with humans. After the loss of my father he not only provided me with guidance and messages that I needed to hear but also with incredible comfort and empathy. He is the real deal and after seeing him multiple times I can tell that his connection to source is only getting stronger. Very lucky to have a practitioner such as him on my side!” - Elliot T.

“My reading with Per was nothing short of magic. Beyond just the "somehow knew things he shouldn't have known about me because we had never met before" aspect, my time with him was something I can only describe as the closest thing to spending quality time with The Source via our mutual friend (Per). He was incredibly caring, insightful, and effortlessly acted as the medium by which I had a direct connection with the powers that be, making it so comforting to be in his presence. I loved watching him drift off and connect to the Source as we spoke! He gave me peace, he compelled me to give thought to things that matter, and he provided clear guidance for me along my path. He is gifted, there's no doubt about that, and I'll be speaking with him again soon. And again. And again. I would recommend The Awakenist time and time again!” - Arnelle L.

“Per is AMAZING! I’ve been searching for guidance and felt the need for a personal shift. We connected at the perfect time and his reading gave me just the focus I need to move forward. And a big bonus- a whole lot of extra love and encouragement from beloved family members who have crossed over. I am in awe of Per’s precise knowledge and the direction he was able to give me. He left my heart feeling full and the whole of my being feeling supported and loved by his energy as well as the collective energy of this wonderful universe. I would highly recommend Per! He will be just what you are looking for and more! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear friend.” Kate S.

“Per has incredible insight and he is attuned to more than you can ever know about yourself. I heard things about my family which were new to me and impossible to know until I spoke to my mother. They were all true. Per is kind, sensitive - he is a man who knows.” - David W.

“Per and I had never met before, and there was an immediate ease to our rapport. Without hyperbole—It felt like talking to a best friend, therapist and psychic all at once. Per’s feedback and vision was insightful and directional. Nothing he told me seemed too high level to be applicable in my everyday life. I walked away feeling like a weight had been lifted—I had new perspective on a few key issues that I needed to process through. I also had some thoughts on how to deal with a few smaller things that I hadn’t externalized. Per for life, honestly.” - Lillian W.

“I was connected to Per very randomly through a mutual friend and was in a spoke in life where I was seeking answers from another “side”... without knowing anything about me Per was able to pin point key areas in my life and relationships giving profound insight on events and circumstances that are very close to my heart. I felt my session was truly remarkable and I can’t wait to see where he takes his gifts.” - Gillian J.

“I like to have readings when I’m experiencing major growth or change and want to know how best use my energy and optimize the moment. One of my friends recommended Per, The Awakenist. Our call was exactly what I needed. It gave me the needed clarity. It was different from other reading I had, it’s a very interesting – and enlightening - mix of spiritual, guidance and a tarot reading. Per touched on some points that none of my close family and friends know about me. I also really lie the fact I didn’t feel on a clock; our call went actually over, and I didn’t feel rush. A great experience all around and I will call him when needed.” - Sandrine P.

“I have a friend who highly recommended Per, and he certainly met expectations.  My session with him was amazing. He accurately reflected many of the current situations that I was trying to understand.  He provided great insight in a relaxed, friendly manner.  I felt like I had known him for years.  I will definitely be doing more readings with him!” - Carrie T.

”Per, thank you so much for bringing clarity into my life. You have a way with words that are both comforting and so spot on. Thank you for opening my eyes to things that are right in front of me and for your guidance. I am excited to keep working with you.” - Eddie S.

“Per is a rare talent and light. I’ve personally experienced tremendous guidance, growth, and general sense of peace from my sessions with him, and I have recommended him to numerous friends who have said the same.” - Felicity S.

“I have never had a reading before and have some big life changes coming up so I decided to do a call with The Awakenist for this next chapter of my life.  My experience was so awe-inspiring, I got chills and even caused me to tear up a bit!  It was a combination of so many things, spiritual, guidance and a tarot reading.  My reading hit on some points that no one even really knows about me including my close family and friends.  It also helped me feel confident and thoughtful about my next move.  I highly recommend on so many levels! You are so talented and kind and I will definitely be having regular calls!” - Brianna B.

“Thank you for your professional, insightful, and fun reading! You had me stunned with your accuracy which to me validates your psychic gift. Your talent will touch and heal those who you read. I will continue to recommend your services and am excited to see you grow in your psychic career.” - Reeza B.

“I had an incredibly spot on reading. Very few mediums have been able to name exact names of my family who have passed. Without giving Per much information, he perfectly nailed several situations that were going on in my life. Will definitely be checking in regularly.” - Anna M.

“I’ve had many readings from Per and each one has brought so much clarity and given me guidance on where to focus my energy. Per has such a pure and comforting presence - you want to have him speak to you all day. This most recent reading I had with Per, I hold close to my heart because he was able to communicate with my grandma who passed away last year. I can’t wait for my next reading.” - Kristin V.

“You are incredibly spot on! I was open to the experience even though I prefer scientific models of reality. I was blown away from your intuition and guidance from spirit during our session. I heard everything I needed to at that moment. You come from a place of love and compassion. Thank you.” - Nolan W.

“Per always provides balanced and insightful advice. I've come to trust his readings to help me reflect, gain self awareness and make spiritually informed decisions moving forward. He's a kind, grounded soul. Highly recommend his readings.” - Crystal A.

“You have gently and lovingly guided me to making some of the best decisions of my life, in one of the worst and saddest times in my life.” - Mackenzie M.

“Per made me feel very comfortable from the very start . The first person he mentioned was my grand mother who I had hope would come through . He was on point on something very personal about me and was able to give me clarity on other things going on in my life . I will recommend him to friends and if you are reading this review to decide whether to have him do your reading I say go for it , You will not be disappointed.” - Yolanda M.

“Per, thank you so much for the fun and insightful reading. It was so great being able to communicate with my grandfather who passed when I was 13 years old. I’ve known for a while he was trying to talk to me so it’s no surprise that you saw him come up right away!” - Jesse M.

“Being a person who is skeptical of all things, the readings you have given me are always insightful in such a lovely reassuring way.” - Evita M.

“I came across Per by chance over social media and on a whim I booked an appointment to see him. I had seen an Intuitive exactly 2 years beforehand and I was a bit disappointed by that experience, however, I was so intrigued by Per's work that I wanted to give a session another chance. I'm so glad I did!
Per is thoughtful, easy to connect with and helped me see through the fog during a cross-roads in my life.
I left our conversation, not with specific answers, but with clarity. Now, months later, it's crazy how spot on he was with many situations. I highly recommend Per! I can't wait to check in with him again at some point again soon!” - Erica C.

“Yesterday, I had my first experience with a medium, the sweet Per, and found out who two of my spirit guides are. The session was surprising and fascinating, and I hope with work and time, will also be healing.” - Tina L.

“My first reading with Per was unplanned and I had a lot of hesitation because I was not a believer in spiritual stuff. I had a lot of personal issues that were weighing me down but his readings were so intuitive, accurate and most importantly, enlightening and even inspiring.” - Shinette T.

“I had my first reading with Per earlier this week and was able to communicate a clear reflection of what I was feeling internally as well as some hidden/ forgotten past events weighing me down. He gave guidance on how to proceed with healing and moving forward to become aligned with spirit. I’ll be continuing sessions.” - Heidi P.

“Your ability to tap into visions and vibrations beyond the physical realm is amazing. You’ve somehow managed to reveal things in my subconscious or recalling things from my past and future that no one else would know is truly amazing.” - Diana H.

“Per is so intuitive and eloquent. His reading allowed me to see beyond my current worries and issues and how to break free of them. With his readings, you’ll see the bigger picture which is much more meaningful to me than just nipping at unfavorable circumstances that life throws at you sometimes. Everything was much more clear after my reading.” - Jomalyn A.

“Per is a mystical magical creature. Thank you for my reading and connecting me with my guardian angel whose presence is always close and felt intensely.” - Eva K.

“I heard of Per through my sister. While she was doing a call with him things about myself and the state I was in was coming through strong in her reading. When she called me to tell me what he had said, I was stunned. It was so accurate! I immediately set up my own call with him and was not disappointed. I highly recommend him.” - Deanna J.

“Per is a talent with some spot on readings. You’ve surprised and shocked me with my own reading as well as countless others I’ve heard about.” - Christine B.

“Per was amazing. I had my first reading with Per to discuss many changes in my family and work life due to a recommendation of a co worker.  I had some hesitation as I hadn't had a reading in many years. Per was so insightful, clear and thoughtful in his communication.  He asked great questions to ensure he could provide the best feedback to help me become more aware of the past and future.   His message was very thoughtful and inspiring. I would highly recommend Per and look forward to our next talk.” - Michael D.