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Thank you for visiting, I am so grateful for you taking the time to be here.

I am an intuitive medium. It has not been easy to accept this, to reveal this, let alone to practice this professionally. I don’t remember having this ability as a child, I did not survive a near death experience and suddenly come back to life with this, and I did not ever think I would ever step foot in this work. I awakened gradually, and after a long time resisting, spirit finally gave me no choice but to pursue this. I was stubborn, but I surrendered, and I am so happy I did.

I worked in apparel design in San Francisco for over a decade. I then felt emboldened to make a move across the country to New York and make my mark on the fashion industry. Things started out so well and I felt I was on an amazing upward trajectory, but spirit had different plans for me. Countless disappointments and roadblocks made me question everything I built my identity on. Feeling lost and confused, I turned to intuitive healers who have helped me before. To my surprise, they told me I was always meant to be a healer, they told me my intuitive abilities were developing, that I could receive guidance from spirit and that I was destined to help those in grief. 

I had no idea what I was supposed to do with this revelation. I continued to apply for jobs in fashion, and on the side opening up to my abilities. I meditated regularly, studied chakras and learned how to open them, read about energy and frequency, learned about the different ways to practice mediumship, and took intuitive development classes. The dream job in fashion I tried to manifest never came, and I grew increasingly frustrated. Then one night, as I was talking to a friend on the phone, I heard a whisper in my ear. My friend’s mother had passed away from cancer, and I just had this unmistakeable feeling that her spirit was trying to reach out to me. I saw the signs, I felt the energy. The whisper said “ask him about my cat Bailey.” 

I asked him about it, and he validated it, saying that it was his mother’s cat. She then continued to give me other information that I could not have known. He asked how I knew all of these things and I felt truly insane. But it brought him comfort and I felt honored that her spirit trusted me enough to make this connection. This moment blew the door wide open. I started seeing spirit in my third eye. When I interacted with someone, I would see or feel or hear the their loved ones on the other side trying to get my attention. I brought the messages through, and often they would be validated. It was exciting, and it was also nerve wracking. 

I was afraid to face judgement going down this path. I worked and am still working to break down constructs of fear created by ego. At first I questioned who the hell was I to guide people when I haven’t really figured everything out in my own life. Eventually, I learned that it was never about me, I am a medium, the guidance comes from spirit, and I share what I am meant to share for the highest good. I feel so clear on my mission now, I know what I must do, and it is an honor to serve.